Specialised Web Design Process

Every web design company uses its own process in building a website for a client. In some cases, this is done ad hoc which can lead to numerous miscommunications.

To prevent this from happening, We Shine Web has developed a simple process of six stages to make sure both the client and the designer are on the same page at each phase of the new website project:

Six Stage Web Design Process followed by We Shine Web:

Six Stage Web Design Process in Detail:


Project Definition

  •   Client Survey.
  •   Project Brief.
  •   Project Plan.
  •   Maintenance Plan.

The first stage is where we determine what needs to be done, what are the key requirements.
We work closely with you to understand your business and your objectives.


Site Structure

  •   Content Outline.
  •   Site Diagram.
  •   Wireframes.

We will outline the technical aspects, the functions and features, how it will all be integrated into the framework in order to create the desired outcome.


Visual Design

  •   Draft Visual Designs.
  •   Select Design.

Our design team will create the visual elements, style, layout, fonts, colour scheme that best represents your company / branding.


Site Development

  •   Technical / Functional Plan.
  •   Build and Integrate Site.

This is the point where all the technical and functional features are ironed out and we begin to build your site.



  •   Quality Assurance Testing.
  •   Priorities Issues.
  •   Refine Site.

Prior to launch we will rigorously test the functionality of the site, ensuring there are no issues. Any problems are resolved to ensure a smooth running website.



  •   Production Style Guide.
  •   Launch Site.
  •   Implement Maintenance Plan.

The Final stage is launching your website live online.

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